Childhood Amnesia 

Human Constellation 

Eternal Resonance 

A gas is released making mankind immortal, but also sterile. Despite the infinite opportunities made possible, mankind quickly becomes disillusioned.
To prevent widespread depression, a machine is invented to enable people to travel through memory… 
How do we make sense of the world around us when our ideals are so different from the world we perceive?
Yet it was only once she lost her sight that Nadège finally began to see…
 ​When a string is struck and another is tuned to the same frequency it will vibrate in sympathy!
And what if this phenomenon was universal?
Perhaps our loved ones would always be within range of our vibrations and our lost ones forever next to us. 

Ubi Sunt

Ubi Sunt is a meditation on mortality and life's transience.

Under the sun

Travel notes from Saudi Arabia.
How do we relate to the world around us ? For if the world only exists through our vision of it, the world also transforms us in what we see.